Launched in 2016, Guppy Pipes is a father and son business owned and operated by Paul and Phil Hagler. The concept behind Guppy Pipes is simple; small and functional pipes offered in various woods, designed for a quick 10-15 minute smoke. They are great for smoke breaks at work, short drives to the store, walking the dog or any other time you can't devote an hour or more to a full sized pipe. We take custom orders, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a particular color scheme in mind that you do not see on the site. Custom orders will take between 1-2 weeks to produce and ship.

We are currently working on the next line of Guppy Pipes, ones made of a single piece of wood. They are small, durable and travel well. Below are pipes that we currently have available.

Pipes for sale

($45 + Free Shipping)